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Jamie Hannam Massage - Client Reviews

"Jamie is the best massage therapist around! I have been jumping around to different places for years, dissatisfied. Now I can stop looking for a good therapist! She sees my wife as well and we couldn't be happier!" Frank

"I first met Jamie after an automobile accident resulted in whiplash injuries to my back and neck. Having tried two other massage therapists without expereiencing much relief I had the good fortune of booking an appointment with Jamie. Jamie seems to possess an intuitive sense of what ligaments and muscles are out of sync and then targets those areas, which provided me a much needed release of painful stress across my neck and back. Without reservation I would highly recommend Jamie for any type of massage, and especially for any injury treatment massage." Doug, Everett

Jamie is an amazing massage therapist and an amazing person! I felt that she was very attentive to my needs and listened very well. She gave me recommendations to help my insomnia, which I am excited to try and appreciate her knowledge! She made me feel very relaxed, but also really worked out my muscles and I already feel better. I work in the spa industry, and therefore have had plenty of massages, and one of my pet peeves is someone who doesn't listen to your needs... that is definitely NOT Jamie's style, and I loved that. I will continue to see her and would recommend her to anyone! - Kaylea Cohen

Let's start with: call Jamie for a fabulous massage! I loved mine, but she also kindly agreed to come to our hotel to give my 96yr old Mom a gentle massage suitable for sensitive old bones. What a change - my mom first slept deeply, she was so relaxed, and then she woke up with energy we haven't seen in months. Thank you Jamie for your skill and kindness! Next time we are in town, we'll ALL be seeing Jamie. - Peggy Asprey

I met Jamie for the first time yesterday and she was absolutely amazing. I always have back problems but she truly did help me! My back feels better! I will be returning every week. - KAMIE TAUNTON

My neck & my back were messed up after a car accident. Finally, I found an expert massage therapist. She is so friendly, she does everything to help me to relieve the pain. Thanks very much Jamie. A+ - Hue Dang

Outstanding Therapist - I've been a client of Jaime's for over 2 years and I highly recommend her. I have some severe circulation problems in my legs and Jaime's expertise has kept my legs in the best shape as possible. She is very knowledgable about the healing power of massage and will concentrate on any areas that are of concern. Couldnt be happier.

First, I want to say that I've been fortunate enough to receive body work in what some would describe as the most prestigious spa's, both in this country and abroad. I think its important to note that fact as am hopeful it will add depth and weight to my review of JLH Massage and Jamie herself. I describe Jamie as the "body whisperer", she intuitively understands the body's energy pathways and expertly unlocks "stuck" points with masterful techniques. I push my body everyday so I need weekly treatment. I come to Jamie with differing ailments each week. Sometimes its lower back, a shoulder or leg work, whatever my body needs gets addressed in our sessions. She truly loves what she does and it shows in the way that she "listens" to the body and tailors our sessions for my restoration. When I leave Jamie's treatments I feel rejuvenated and "whole". Jamie always has a smile on her face and a positive attitude. I consider her a friend! If you are need of body work, someone that will listen to your body and bring you back to "center" Jamie is it! I would give her 10 out of 5 stars if I could. Thank you Jamie!!!! - Mike Rockey

Satisfied client - I was searching for a massage therapist in my area online and came across JLH on google. Jamie is my massage therapist and I am very satisfied with her work so far. She is experienced and her schedule is very accommodating to my busy lifestyle. I highly recommend jamie as a massage therapist and she had exceeded my expectations!

I was referred to Jamie by an employee. I had woke up with a sore back that seemed to spasm at times. I was complaining about it when he told me to call Jamie. She was able to schedule me in that afternoon. She worked out my kinks and I feel great today. Jamie is a true professional and will take care of your needs. - Dave Earp

Simply Amazing - Jaime is one of the best massage therapist I've ever met. I am a massage therapist myself, 10-plus years, and I've had massage from some of the best...therapists who've worked for U.S. Olympic teams and professional sports teams...and I can honestly say she's up there with the best of them.

Great massage. First visit, helped with intense soreness. Nice and comfortable setting. Professional experience. I plan to go back for further treatments.

Great Massage and Flexible Schedule - Jamie provides a great atmosphere, w massage the leaves me loosened up time after time! She is very flexible with her schedule, which is important for me, and I really appreciate that! I would recommend Jamie to anyone!

Jamie uses her gifts and skill to unlock the painful, stuck places in my body to help me be more comfortable and feel like a better version of myself. Her intuitive awareness combined with her professional advanced skills consistently produce results for me. She is alert to my needs and offers both physical massage and suggestions for follow up movements which I can do to retain the progress we have made. She inspires me to believe I can regain strength and flexibility again. Outstanding!

Very Relaxing - I've had neck and back pain for quite awhile and a doctor recommended massage. Having never used a massage therapist before I wasn't sure what to expect. Luckily I found Jamie who was very thorough and also shared a lot of good information that will be helpful for continued treatment and pain management. Definitely will recommend!

"JAMIE HANNAM!!! WoW!!! When you make an appointment with Jamie and ask her if she loves her job.... just wait until the end of the appointment to really know if she does. From the moment Jamie walked in the door and touched my feet I was relaxed. Jamie really knows how to connect with the body that is in her presence. I WOULD RECOMMEND JAMIE ANY AND EVERYDAY!!!! LOVED IT " MARIA, Everett

I went in and got a 1 hour massage and a chiropractor adjustment! I feel great. It sounds crazy that I can walk in hurting and walk out dancing! I have finally found a skilled and thoughtful massage therapist. She listens and focuses on my particular needs, Jamie is professional and easy to talk to. She has a strong and effective touch. She made me feel welcome and really comfortable. I was so relaxed I may have almost dosed off at the end there! She was able to target and work out a few real bad musle spasms that I've had knotted up for months. I feel great! 100% recommend

Best Massage Ever! I heard about Jamie from a friend and was able to get an appointment the same day! I tweaked my back and could not stand up strait and she had me completely relaxed and standing upright in one hour. This girl has the magic touch... repeat customer for sure! - Erica Halsey Eugenio Insurance Agency

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